Friday, October 28, 2011

Exercise Motivation

So I made the decision today that I'm going to cut back on television and the internet. I spend WAY too much time clicking the refresh button on Pinterest and the amount of Chopped I watch at 3am is just unhealthy. Especially when it makes me immediately want to start eating.

Aside from the late night snacking, I have one thing that I want to conquer:

Am I the only one who looks at people jogging and thinks, "I don't get it."

My older sister is super into fitness and she runs several miles a day last I recall. I can't remember any time in my life that I ran a mile, let alone for fun. But here's the thing . . . I want to. I want to be one of those people who can wake up early in the morning and go for a run just to enjoy the endorphins, the sunrise and the scenery.

But damn that first step is hard.

For one, it's really cold outside. Not to mention there's a boob issue to be dealt with that I've taken to calling me "bounce rate" (blogging humor).

And everyone says that running is the cheapest form of fitness. But it's not. Because I'm going to need to invest in a serious sports bra, some frictionless exercise clothes and speaking of friction, there's going to be some thigh vs thigh competition and the loser will be a tie between me and a rash. How's that for the nitty gritty, y'all?

Advice would be appreciated.

And damn do I wish all of you could be here to just run alongside me.


  1. I struggle with the running thing because I want to want to be a runner, but I don't actually know if I want to be a runner. For now I'm sticking with what I know I like, mostly weight training and the elliptical (with the TV on, of course, usually watching Ellen!). But then again, the other day I got on the treadmill just for a little walk and ended up jogging (very slowly) for five minutes. I couldn't believe it. I think if you're actually a runner, it will come naturally (and you have to ease into it), and if you're not, then there are plenty other things you can do!
    I'm not trying to discourage you from running, I'm just saying don't be discouraged if you start running and realize you don't like it!
    As for running advice, I don't really have any, except for check out C25K if you haven't already and I never have any problems with chafing when wearing my long pants (and not shorts).

  2. I didn't "get it" for a LONG time. I tried C25K TWICE and both times quit after the first few days. Then one day a few months ago I decided I was ready to try again and that this time I was going to see the damn thing through if it killed me. The first several weeks were HARD. I got winded. I thought I couldn't finish. But with each run I finished I felt stronger. My legs got stronger. My lungs got stronger. My WILL got stronger.

    It took me 11 weeks (one week off for vacation, one week off to rest a sore knee) but I completed it. I also ran a 5k around week 7ish. Ran the whole thing with a few exceptions of about 50 yards of walking each time.

    I'm still 60 pounds overweight, and I did it. I'm also rather well endowed in the boobie area and a really good supportive bra worked for me. I didn't buy any special frictionless clothes (and my thighs rub together too).

    I say, if you have the desire, do it. Even when it sucks, do it. See it through, but have a plan going in. Now even though I'm still overweight, I feel like a runner. I can go for a run just for fun (and it DOES become fun - it started being fun for me around week 4/5).

    Head over to my blog & read about my experience if you like.


  3. Oh, Jia- the answer to this is a blog post unto itself. Huh, maybe I ought to get on that!!! lol

  4. Colleen - I am determined to do at least one 5k in my life. It's on my bucket list and everything. And there's actually one I really support coming up in April that I'm half considering doing.

    Charlie - You're still my constant support and inspiration. <3