Monday, January 24, 2011

Measuring Up

Wanna know something interesting? The only thing that separates Charlie and I is time and inches (and differently colored boxes of hair dye). Charlie recently posted her measurements (before her weight loss and her current measurements) and then she challenged me to do the same.

2.75 inches is all that separates the two of us.

That's total inches by the way. After I measured, I noticed quickly that a lot of my numbers were exactly the same as hers, and then bigger in other places by half an inch and smaller in other places by half an inch.

And suddenly . . . I saw my weight clearly.

When I look at Charlie's before pictures, it's not really Charlie to me. Does she look similar? Certainly. Is it obviously her? Of course. Is she still gorgeous? Definitely. But the Charlie I know is this tiny little thing full of smiles and energy and health. And I have to wonder if I'll be so different when I've reached my goals. Because it's possible. I can do this. Charlie did it and she was the same size as I am now. So now when I see pictures of her, I can visualize future me.

And I think I'm gonna like her.

Bust - 51
Chest - 43.5
Waist - 49.5
Hips - 48.5
Midway - 51.5
Thighs - 25
Knees - 16
Calves - 15.5
Upper Arm - 15.5
Forearm - 10.5

PS: I just got back from my vacation and weighed myself this morning. While I didn't lose any weight, I also didn't gain any. And on a vacation, that's a very awesome thing! Still rockin' 247 like a hottie!


  1. Mother effer.... that made me CRY!!!!!!!!!

    I need to go dry the now snotty wet eyeliner streaming down like Alice Cooper face of mine.
    Then I'll come back and comment for real.

    I LOVE YOU, girl. Even if I did cuss at you up there. It was a good cuss.

  2. How cool is that! What a great visual for you and an awesome motivator. Keep up the great work!

  3. Its great to have a visual...especially when its someone you obviously care about greatly!! Great job for maintaining on vacation.

  4. Awesome to not gain weight on vacation! Good for you. And great way to motivate yourself with the comparison.